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Jinggangshan City Runze Mineral Water Co., Ltd.

Jinggangshan City Runze Mineral Water Co., Ltd. was established in 2011.The company is located in the Sanxingxing Runze Park, Gucheng Town,

Jinggangshan City, Jiangxi Province, the world's biosphere reserve. It is a collection of natural mineral water development, production, sales,

logistics, sightseeing, A comprehensive high-end drinking water company that serves the whole.

The first phase of the natural partial silicic acid mineral water project of Jinggangshan City Runze Mineral Water Co., Ltd. has a total investment of

RMB 150 million. It plans to use 100 mu of land and build a 60-acre garden factory in the first phase.Since the project was built, it has received

strong support from the Jinggangshan Municipal Government, especially for the early stage and operation of the project.

Jinggangshan City Runze Mineral Water Co., Ltd. has an advanced concept of all-round development and operation system and internationally

synchronized information integration, with the world's most advanced French "sidel"Mineral water production equipment and strong professional

production technology strength and high-quality staff team, pursue the "good morality" business philosophy has hired France, Switzerland,

Experts from famous foreign mineral waters such as Italy have jointly developed high-end natural mineral water, and the products are based on the

market.As the core, with modern marketing concepts, scientific marketing strategies, and realistic advertising,Integrity of professional credibility,

will be able to win the dependence and recognition of consumers

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Selected water quality: The 100-year-old moisturizing mineral water is derived from the underground rock layer below 160 meters, rich in silicic acid, calcium, potassium and other trace elements beneficial to human health. Pure taste: a hundred years of moisturizing mineral water, low-nano mineral water pure taste, high quality and safe, thirst products, so that the body is full of vitality.

Healthy thirst quenching: After the exercise, you need to add water. When you have a meal, the taste of the dish is too heavy. Come and drink a bottle of moist natural mineral water to quench your thirst.

The water source of the century-old moisturizing mineral water is from the underground of Jinggangshan, 250 meters deep. The water quality is naturally untouched. After 10,000 years of natural underground circulation and infiltration, it is pure and safe, and it is the best in natural mineral water.

The national authority detects and verifies natural mineral water, including minerals such as silicic acid, strontium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. The metasilicate in the low-nano water achieves medical functions and is a very rare high-quality natural mineral water. A hundred years of moisturizing mineralized mineral water, the water temperature is maintained at around 20 °C throughout the year, the main indicator of partial silicic acid content of 49.83-54.6mg /, is a natural metasilicate mineral water, can reach the medical mineral water standard (50mg /) It also contains a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. It is a rare natural mineral water.   Metasilicic acid has a softening effect on human aortic sclerosis, and has health care effects on heart disease, blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and neurological dysfunction; and natural weak alkaline water such as anti-aging, strengthening immunity, and beauty is close to the human body. Environmental values ​​help maintain normal osmotic pressure and acid-base balance.

Add:Sanxingxing Runze Park, Gucheng Town, Jinggangshan City, Jiangxi Province