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A hundred years of moisturizing mineralized water from the Jinggangshan World Biosphere Reserve is the only biosphere reserve in Jiangxi Province. The peaks of Jinggang Mountain are towering, the gully is deep, the stream is clear, and the forest is full of trees. It is a famous mountain with red sacred legends. With a forest coverage rate of 92%, it has 7,000 hectares of primary forests that have remained intact to the same latitude in the world. Each cubic centimeter of air contains more than 80,000 negative oxygen ions. It is called “air conditioning” by nature and has “natural oxygen bar”. reputation. The second century of moisturizing mineralized mineral water originates from the natural deep mineral spring in the Jinggangshan primeval forest. The continuous atmospheric precipitation in the Jinggangshan World Biosphere Conservation Area has been infiltrated, circulated and transported through the underground for thousands of years. The fissures and pore turbulence of the faulty strata of the rock are formed by the dissolution and enrichment of minerals in the silicified zone. After tens of years of weathering, circulation, adsorption and leaching of the underground granite, the water temperature is kept at 20 °C. It is a recurring, regenerative, recoverable continuous replenishment infiltration and cyclic turbulence process. In order to ensure the quality of the products for a hundred years, the natural mineral water is used to directly take water from the granite cracks. The filling production method without air contact is tested by the French professional organization CARSO as a high-quality natural mineral spring and low water, which is rich in beneficial silicon for human health. More than 20 kinds of trace elements such as acid, strontium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. Three hundred years of moisturizing mineralized mineral water has been tested several times. According to the inspection report of Nanchang Mineral Resources Supervision and Testing Center of the Ministry of Land and Resources, all of them have reached the standard of high quality natural mineral water, and the content of metasilicate is 37.5~54.6mg/L. Among them, the content in the vicinity of the fault zone increased significantly to 49.83~54.6mg/L, reaching the medical mineral water standard (50mg/L), and also contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to the human body.

Add:Sanxingxing Runze Park, Gucheng Town, Jinggangshan City, Jiangxi Province